Cooperating Teacher
What You'll Learn

You will learn how to successfully support a student teacher and develop effective classroom practices.

Who Should Apply
  • K12 Educators
  • Mentors
  • Cooperating Teachers
  • Mid Career Teachers
  • Veteran Teachers
Approximate hours each
This stack is designed to help cooperating teachers develop the necessary skills to successfully support student teachers or early career educators. In this stack you will hone your communication skills and develop strategies for working with adult learners. You will learn about observations and effective ways to provide feedback to your student teacher. You may also explore ways to build positive professional relationships and manage difficult conversations.
Andragogy Adult Learning
Cooperating teacher demonstrates an understanding and application of the six principles of adult learning.
Types of Evidence Required: Document Upload

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Equity Literacy
The cooperating teacher demonstrates an understanding of how to create and sustain a bias-free and equitable learning environment for teacher candidates through increased equity literacy.
Types of Evidence Required: written artifacts, video OR narrative OR audio file OR brochure OR PowerPoint, written summary

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Listening and Non-Verbal Communication
Cooperating teacher demonstrates deliberate communication techniques to enhance positive student teacher/intern interactions.
Types of Evidence Required: written artifact

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Managing Difficult Conversations
Educator demonstrates the understanding and skills necessary to effectively handle difficult conversations with a student teacher candidate that will result in a positive outcome.
Types of Evidence Required: written artifact, audio OR video

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Positive Professional Relationships
The cooperating teacher uses various techniques that encourage and promote meaningful dialogue and collaboration. The cooperating teacher establishes and maintains a positive professional relationship with their student/intern.
Types of Evidence Required: document upload

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Post-Observation Feedback
Cooperating teacher demonstrates understanding of how to engage in the feedback process with a student teacher/intern.
Types of Evidence Required: **instruction for artifacts not included, there is only a rubric

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Teaching About Teaching
Cooperating teacher provides a rationale for planning and preparation, classroom environment, and instruction (metacognitive skills).
Types of Evidence Required: 30 - 45 min video, written artifacts

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